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We are a young energetic family - 24years, ready to learn new things and good workers as a team! We want to find a suitable job in Austria, France, England, Swiss or other countries. We both speak English fluently and we have some experience in Housekeeping. We are ready to meet new people!

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Date de dernière connexion : 2017-11-15

Monsieur Pa... G...
517745 Alba County

Situation actuelle:
Secteur d'activité actuel : E-commerce
Taille de l'entreprise : 1 à 5 salariés
Fonction actuelle : Administrator
Nombre d'années à ce poste : 1 à 2 ans
Nombre de personnes sous mes ordres : 1 à 5 personnes
Salaire annuel : 0.00 EUR
Expérience Totale : 1 à 2 ans
Disponibilité : Disponibilité immédiate
Poste recherché:
Fonctions: Chalet job, seasonal, housekeeper, ,
Secteur d'activité: Housekeeping, ,

Type de contrat souhaité: CDI, CDD Intermittent, Interim, Agent
Temps de travail souhaité: Temps plein, Temps partiel, En alternance, Journalier, Saisonnier, Travail le WE
Salaire Annuel Minimum / Souhaité: 20000.00 / 30000.00 EUR
Etudes :
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+5
Dernier diplome : Theology Bachelor degree
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+2
Autres Formations :

Mobilité :
Pays : Belgique, France, Allemagne, Italie, Luxembourg, Malte, Espagne, Suisse, Royaume-Uni

Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux

Anglais : Langue de travail
Roumain : Langue maternelle
Français : Intermédiaire

CV :

Monsieur Pa... G
517745 Alba County

Paul Gariel Gună - Adress- 305, loc. Stremt , Alba county, postal code 517745, Stremt (Romania)
Sex - Male | Date of birth 30 Oct 1993 | Nationality Romanian
WORK EXPERIENCE 23 Jun 2015–Present Marketing, Social MediaS.C. Felt Made S.R.L., Bucuresti (Romania) ▪ organizing events and exhibitions products ▪ managing social media campaigns ▪ Maintaining healthy relationships with suppliers ▪ elaboration and presenting ideas / strategies development ▪ price/ competition analysis and investigation ▪ ▪
5 Jul 2012–Present Production and operations department manager in agriculture Gună Paul Gabriel P.F.A., Alba Iulia (Romania) ▪ Good Relationships with suppliers and distributors ▪ Professional attitude towards client ▪ Fairness in business (according "Trust Company Certificates" 2015-2016-2017)
1 Oct 2012–18 Jun 2017 Theology Student ▪ Pastoral practice (every week sermons and other activities) ▪ Volunteer Programs ▪ Missionary Programs ▪ (Scout) Pathfinders and Adventurers CLUBS ▪ "Student Valdenz" - door to door mission ▪ Sport Activities and Competitions for teenagers and adults ▪ Chaplain activities in 3 summer-camps and more events
EDUCATION AND TRAINING 26 Sep 2016–Present MA in Theology Andrews University, Michigan (United States)1 Mar 2015–31 May 2015 ANTREPRENEUREQF level 3 - S.C. R4 Consultanta si Formare Profesională SRL, Bucuresti (Romania)
1 Oct 2012–12 Jun 2015 Bachelor's Degree in TheologyInstitutul Teologic Adventist, Cernica (Romania) Theology, Pshycology, History, Archelogy, Management etc.
14 Sep 2009–13 Feb 2011Horea, Closca and Crisan National College, Alba Iulia (Romania) ▪ Mathematics informatics - intensive informatics ▪ Many networking clubs
14 Feb 2011–23 Jul 2012"Maranatha" - Adventist High School, Cluj Napoca (Romania) ▪ Theology ▪ Social work ▪ A lot of volunteer activities
PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue(s) RomanianOther language(s) EnglishFrench SpanishItalian UNDERSTANDINGListening C1B1 B1 A2Reading C1B1 B1 B1SPEAKINGSpoken interaction Spoken production B2B2
Certificat CLS - University of Bucharest - B2 MELAB (Michigan Test) Certification - 80/100B1 A2 A1B1 A2 A1Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Communication skills ▪ Homiletics Courses ▪ Public speaking - by JOHN MAXWELL TEAM and Lorand Soares-Szasz▪ Good relational skills (with kids, teenagers, and adults) gradually acquired from volunteer programs - ADRA and many others)▪ Excellent communication skills achieved as Sale & Marketing Manager at 3 small companies FELT MADE SRL, Hidraulic Serv SRL and PFA GUNĂ PAUL GABRIEL▪Organisational / managerial skills ▪ Good teamwork skills - I LOVE networking! ▪ leader in team-building and team-Working activities▪ Skills gained in BUSINESS MASTERY program (upported by Lorand Soares Szasz and Coaching4You)▪ delegative leadership (very important for me) ▪ long-term thinking ▪ innovations in Marketing ▪ Good organizational skills acquired during the activities of promotion those 3 small business that ▪ Organizational skills acquired events - youth camps - Health (Health presentations and Club meetings) , Several social projects (ADRA and Adventist Volunteer Service) Job-related skills ▪ Continuous learning desire▪ Preparing the necessary documentation for accessing two projects by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)▪ Fundraising (crowd-founding) ▪ looking for sponsors (with fortitude) ▪ Efficiency in finding sponsor
Digital competenceInformation processingProficient user Communication Proficient user Digital competences - Self-assessment grid- intensive mathematics-informatics profile in HIGH SCHOOL - Advanced Office Suite user - CISCO Certificate - Amateur photograph (photo & Video editor skills)
Other skills-Andrews University student (MA off-campus programs) - Love to educate (Accelerated Christian Education system + Homeschooling + Montessori) - Amateur Nutritionist (some online courses) - Music passionate (member of Handbell Orchestra - Adventist Theological Institute Cernica, Masculin Qvartet, 1 year piano study)Driving licence B - 6 years experience

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Presentations▪ "CONTEPORARY BUSINESS PRINCIPLES IN THE BOOK OF ECCLESIASTES - HOW SOLOMON SEE BUSINESS", ITA , Cernica, 2017▪ "PENTATEUCHAL LEADERSHIP MODELS AND PRINCIPLES", ITA , Cernica, 2017 ▪ "First century biblical perspective about family", ITA , Cernica, 2016 ▪ "jewish culture and civilization - The family in time of Jesus", ITA, CERNICA, 2015SELF-ASSESSMENTContent creationProficient user Safety Proficient userProblem solvingProficient user

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur Pa... G
517745 Alba County

We are a young energetic family - 24years, ready to learn new things and good workers as a team! We want to find a suitable job in Austria, France, England, Swiss or other countries. We both speak English fluently and we have some experience in Housekeeping. We are ready to meet new people!

We are a young energetic family - 24years, ready to learn new things and good workers as a team!
We have some experince in housekeeping, some farming and gardening (my parents have a small farm, animals, tractor, etc) and Childcare (Bianca was a teacher for 2 years - at ICAB Bucharest - english school), she lived in Italy for 10years and worked as nanny and housekeeper and we are SCOUT instructors (we love to work with kids! We have little brothers: 4y girl, 8 and 12 years boys, so we go with them and other kids in summer camps and do a lot of activities).
Bachelor degree in Theology - Paul - and Pedagogy - Bianca (my beautiful Wife). Both of us have Driver license (me, Paul, 6 years and more than 200k km)!

Monsieur Pa... G...

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